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Lost Keys

Lost keys car, home, office

Chances are that every day someone somewhere is misplacing their keys. In fact, keys are one of the most likely items we will lose at some point in our lives. So, what are some precautions to take to ensure you don’t lose them, and what should you do when you discover you have lost your car, home, or office keys?

When you lose your home keys

Since your key to the lock on your front door is the only thing standing between an intruder and privacy in safety, losing it is more than a mere inconvenience. Calling for help, getting back inside and having a new key made is not a complicated process. The problem, however, may arise later when you don’t know for sure who has access to your home.

Some homeowner insurance policies cover lock or key replacements. If yours does, good news! If not, think about having this coverage added to your policy.

When you lose your car keys

Losing keys to a vehicle is a frequent occurrence, and it was as easy as cutting a new one prior to the popularity of electronic key fobs and transponder keys. With the newer electronic versions, replacing a key can be quite costly when you turn to your dealership for help. You can save quite a bit by calling one of our qualified technicians instead who will be able to re-program on the spot. Just make sure you know the make, model, and year of your car as well as the VIN and have proper identification.

It may be rare, but some car insurance policies cover the cost of key replacement. If not, you may have an extended warranty plan that does.

When you lose your office keys

Realizing you’ve lost the keys to your office has added embarrassment factor tied to it, especially if you are not the owner but have been entrusted with a master key. Once the initial shock and upset subside, it’s time to take action. The main thing with a lost office key will be to prove you have a right to access the space. Other considerations include needing to then re-key a master system or take added precautions to make sure your office is secured.

Additional steps to take

After you call for help, make your next call to someone you know and trust who can come and wait with you. When the technician arrives to get you back inside and provide you with a replacement key, you will need to provide proof of identification proving that you own the vehicle, have the authority at an office building, or live at the residence you are attempting to get inside. Since you don’t know for sure who has a copy of your lost key, the next best step for security is to have the locks changed or rekeyed.

It’s helpful to always have a spare key at a location or with a family member or friend you trust that you can quickly contact to retrieve the key when needed. If you frequently lose your keys, it may be time to check into an app or other forms of a smart tracker. Some key chains have a tracking device that connects to a smartphone to locate your keys like a GPS.

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