Buying a new house is an exciting time! There are so many things on your mind, such as figuring out how to make the mortgage payments, wondering who the new neighbors will be and whether or not they will be pleasant to live next to, packing, unpacking, loading a moving truck, gathering friends and family to help move your items, possibly renovating, decorating, and setting up the new house to fit your personal style. The home’s new security is often not foremost on your mind, but it should be.

You’ve signed the mortgage papers and were just handed the set of keys to your new home. There is not much in life that holds more excitement. Before you move in and your head hits that pillow to spend the first night of many under your new roof, one of the most securely safe decisions to make is to have a locks change after moving to a new house to take a necessary extra step toward avoiding a potential break-in.

Sleep easy, and start fresh with a new set of locks, because you just don’t know the entire history regarding the locks at your new home. For starters, the former owners very well may have an extra Locks Change set of keys in whereabouts unknown to you. Or, maybe they handed duplicate keys to friends or servicemen that they trusted but you do not know. Perhaps there was an attempted break-in to your new house at some time before you moved in or to a house in the neighborhood. Possibly, the locks have even been damaged or are worn out.

As you’re choosing new furniture, wallpaper, and home accessories to fill the rooms of your new home,  first select a new lock that matches your style and fits into the architectural design of your house. Consider a key-less digital locking system, or go with a traditional cut-key lock. Talk with an expert locksmith who can direct you toward the most secure, trusted name-brand lock, such as Mutilock, Schlage, Kwiksete, Weiser, Master, or Medeco, to name a few of the top-notch options.

Replacing locks is an easy, fast, and affordable process that entails removing the entire lock on every door and replacing them with new locks. Schedule this ahead of signing the house papers so a locksmith is ready and waiting for you as soon as you arrive at your new home. As an extra measure of protection, also change the garage door opening codes.

Call a professional locksmith today to help with your locks change after moving into a new house. Find one in your area who is ready to serve 24/7 and is knowledgeable to recommend the best type of lock for your new home.

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